SoccerWorld Rules

League Rules

  • Free Kick - players must be 10ft away from the erson kicking the ball and cannot step forward until the ball is kicked.
  • If the ball crosses the line of the goal, it is a goal.
  • On a 3 line free kick a player can put the ball anywhere on the line.
  • Free kick from outside the arena must be within 3ft of the wall.
  • If a shot is taken and it deflects off the goalie, ot the goalie hits the ball in, it is a goal.
  • Substitutions must be made within 3ft of the wall before the other player is allowed to take the field.
  • No players are allowed to sit or stand on the arena wall. If the ball hits one of these players it is an automatic 2-minute penalty.
  • If a sub is on the field and touches the ball before the person they are going in for is off the field it is a 2-minute penalty.
  • A shot must go in before time expires.
  • When the ball hits the ceiling, it will go striaght down from where it hit the ceiling.
  • A goalie cannot pick up the ball if it is passed back from his team beyond their 3rd line.
  • If a goalie picks up the ball outside the box it is an automatic penalty kick.
  • An intentional hand ball inside the box is an automatic penalty kick.
  • Goalies can move on the whistle of a penalty kick.
  • 3 Line Rule - A player cannot kick the ball in the air over all three lines. It must bounce before it crosses the 3rd line.
  • Goalies cannot pivk up the ball 2 consecutive times from his own team.
  • Goalies cannot dribble the ball from outside the box back into the box and pick it up.
  • A goalie's body can be outside of the bos, as long as the ball and the goalie's hands are inside of the box.
  • Goalies cannot punt the ball from the air, the ball must be bounced before it is kicked or thrown.
  • If the ball hits behind the goal, play is restarted with the ball in the goalie's hands.
  • No food, drinks, cell phones, or cleats are allowed on the field at any time!


Rules at Referee's Discretion

  • A player has 5 seconds to kick the ball on a foul kick.
  • No slide tackling.
  • A goalie has 5 seconds to get rid of the ball after making a save.
  • A player can be given a 2-minute penalty for language or fouls.
  • Two 2-minute penalties result in a red card.
  • A player who takes a free kick cannot touch the ball two times consecutively, a a different player mst touch the ball before the kicker can touch it again. If so, it is the other teams ball at the same spot of the free kick.
  • A team or player can be kicked out of the facility permenantly for their actions.
  • If a team or player is kicked out of the league for good, there is no refund.



In Addition to the Above Rules, Coed League Rules are as Follows

  • A maximum of 3 men can be on the field at one time per team, not including the goalie. As many women as a team wants can be on the field at any given time.
  • A woman can score at any time, however once a man scores a women must score the next goal.
  • If a shot deflects off of someone on the shooters team, it must be an attempt to score by the person the ball is deflected off of.
  • If a shot is taken and the goalie has possession and then loses it and it goes in, this is considered an own goal.
  • An own goal will stand, but the goal scoring rotation of man or woman will stay the same.
  • Teams have 2 minutess on the field before the game begins and 1 minute at halftime.
  • Players can only play on 2 teams per league.
  • Players may only pick-up games if both teams agree it is ok.
  • No college players allowed in the C or D league.
  • No high school players allowed to play in any adult coed leagues.